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This blog is about fiction, music, reality, entertainment and everything in between. If you are looking for blogs to browse through which may contain information about all the stuff mentioned above, then look no further; this might just be the right web site for you. Compiled here you will find various short articles in the form of different blog pages that discuss a wide variety of subjects.

One important aspect about this entertainment blog that the editor would like to share with anyone reading it is that many people are usually given the chance to write and submit articles for this particular web site. Our main premise, goal and objective is that everyone has a story, something to say and the right to speak out their thoughts and share their writings with the rest of the world out there. As such, we have adopted a policy in which we allow anyone to submit articles and write for us. Naturally, we do not have the chance to publish absolutely all of the articles but we sure try to have an as neutral and unbiased approach as possible to the way we process, handle and publish the texts on this entertainment blog.

You will find articles, mostly anonymous, submitted by a variety of writers from all walks of life, age, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity etc. The only requirement that we have is that the article not be hostile or aggressive towards anyone, well written and submitted in English. We try to keep an open mind.