Donald Trump Turns his Back on the LGBTQ Community

Recently there has been a lot of debate regarding the ability of new US president Donald J. Trump to ensure the upholding of civil rights in the entire US territory. One may question and wonder whether this is due to the fact that he seems to have little or no interest at all in civil rights. President Donald Trump is an entrepreneur, a businessman and as such, his interests have to do with strengthening the economy of the country, monopolize the industry and accumulate power, especially among the Anglo Saxon community. In other words, it seems like president Donald Trump is very eager to preserve the long standing privileges that the white man has enjoyed since days of yore.

Donald_J._Trump_at_Marriott_Marquis_NYC_September_7th_2016_04A few weeks back, US president Donald Trump revoked an amendment to a federal law that former president Barack Obama had signed on which considers discrimination in public places against the LGBTQ community a violation to civil rights. Now Donald Trump’s office has made it clear that they consider former president Barack Obama had gone too far in his interpretation of civil rights and that issues that concern the LGBTQ community should be dealt with separately by each state instead of having a federal law that applies to the entire US territory telling them how to treat their LGBTQ citizens. This has raised a great deal of public concern, especially among parents to transgender children.

If this law does not continue to protect them, these children might be forced to share bathrooms and locker rooms with people of a gender that they do not identify with. In other words, trans children attending public schools would not be given the option to use the bathroom or locker room that best aligns with their gender identity. Note that a human’s gender identity does not always correspond with their biological gender at birth.