Social Media and Facebook

In the year 2020, Ronda Pearson, an architect sitting at her desk in her office, about to turn off the computer and go home, when she received a message on Facebook that read: “Hi, my name is Ronda Pearson and I am ten years old. I write from the past. First of all, I am glad to know that in the future I will be a successful architect and by your profile pics, I can tell that I’ll look cool and smart. Will you add me as a friend?”

media-998990_960_720Ronda was not amused by this message. She came out of the office in a rage and asked her employees who was the one responsible for such an awful joke. Everyone looked at her confused. She sat down at her desk again and went over the profile pics of the “past” Ronda. There were five pictures of her own childhood, and then he could not help but feel a pang of fear.

Those photos no longer existed, because she had deleted them herself long ago. In all those pictures she looked like a geek, was wearing those horrible glasses that people in school used to tease her about, her old hair like a broom, and her crooked teeth. She hated those pictures.

She then responded with anger: “Whoever you are, it is not funny. Get those photos of me off of the internet right now!”.

The other Ronda responded: “Please do not be angry. I just want to be your friend so you can tell me when our life will stop to suck.” “Where did you get those pictures?” Asked Ronda.

“What you are doing is a crime and you are violating my privacy! If you do not tell me who you are, I will call the police right now. “