Social Media and Dogs

“That’s impossible! I know that I will always have a dog. I have known it since I was born. I can not live without a dog.” The architect was perplexed. It was true. As a girl she swore to everyone that she would always have a dog. A best friend. Why had she forgotten something so important? Then young Ronda excused herself and went to dinner. Old Ronda was alone in her office, not really knowing what had just happened.

standard-poodle-1549562_960_720At six o’clock in the afternoon she left work, and instead of going straight home as usual, she headed down to the animal shelter. She came home with a white dog, who she named Poodle II, then he sat down at the computer, opened her Facebook profile was eager to accept young Ronda’s friend invite, talk to her again and thank her for her new four legged friend. However, the friend request was gone and there was no answer on the other side.

The profile seemed to have been deactivated or deleted. Ronda hesitated for a moment. What had just happened? At that precise moment, Poodle II rested his head on her leg and that is when she knew that it did not matter who was behind that Facebook profile. Had it really been a younger version of herself? She did not believe in destiny or in paranormal stuff. Ronda closed the laptop lid and went to play with her new friend.

The preceding story was submitted to us by a friend of mine, who has chosen to remain anonymous. It is still unclear whether this is a true story or merely something that happened in my friend’s dream. However, it is important to keep your eyes and mind open. You never know when someone from your past will come knocking at your virtual door.