The Power of Music I

The Power of Music

Everyone loves music in one way or another. We use it everywhere and helps us express ourselves and who we are as individuals. Music can have a very profound, deep effect on our emotions and can even help us free our true feelings, be happier and even help us ease our sorrows and even help us feel better when we get mad.

254327545_e6086ec676_zMusic is also time consuming and, while listening to it, can help us slip into a kind of oblivion, for example, during a boring bus or train ride, especially for those people commuting several times a week. This kind of oblivion could perhaps turn a really boring or dull route into something more interesting and philosophical.

Needless to say that I am addressing these issues from my very own perspective; how music affects me in my every day life, when I like to use it and for what purpose. Some people like to use music as a means to achieve a deep state of relaxation or meditation. I always take my earphones with me wherever I go. I wear them when on my way to the bus to school or work, when I’m on the bus, when I study, while I go jogging and even when I am just home, chilling. Some people say that earphones are a sort of ear, brain condom for public transportation and I could not agree more. I would most likely go insane if I did not have them on.

I think I have broken at least five pairs of earphones of the model I have right now and they are not even the cheapest in the market. When I realize a pair does not work anymore, I immediately go to the closest shop where they sell the same type of earphones and buy a new pair.